Weekend Recap

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I decided to do the Run By The River 10K on Saturday, so I didn’t run on Friday, but did finish my lifting plan. I prepared well for the race and was able to run a PR of 45:38. More than my finishing time, I was happy with the fact that I had negative splits in miles 5 and 6. I caught a guy ahead of me and he pushed me into keeping a 7:00/mile until the end. I took it easy Sunday and ate like crap. But on Monday I bounced back and ate well, played basketball, and did a good chest workout. I tweaked my groin slightly playing ball and again playing softball tonight, so I doubt I will log many miles this week. Getting injured right now would be so discouraging. I will keep lifting though.

I’m hoping to do the Super Quick 5K Saturday, as it features a large downhill/uphill which is what I’ve been training for. I spent a lot of money on a little bit of healthy food so my plan is to eat well, lift, and run when I feel like it.


2013 Run By The River 10K

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2013 Run By The River 10K

PR – 45:38

My Shoes

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Today I received my new Nike ID Free Run’s in the mail and it inspired me to share my shoes. Many people have different opinions, but I think everyone is different and you should try as many as possible. Getting fitted is a great idea, but the store is obviously going to steer you to something they carry.

I think that there are natural aches and pains that people go through when they begin running and you shouldn’t look to the shoe to solve all your running problems. Find one that is comfortable and makes you stop wondering about shoes and go with it.

I currently have 5 pairs: the Nike’s, Brooks Pureconnect, Puma Evospeeds, and two pairs of New Balance Zero’s. I am comfortable in them all but I will only race in my Zero’s. These are what are called “minimalist” shoes, which means they have no difference in the heel and toe and are almost the same as being barefoot. Most new runners should not try these for a while because they take a long time (and pain) for your legs to get used to. However, I like the natural feel and I just feel faster in them. Hopefully the Nike’s can replicate that. JB

My Supplements

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Some people in the running community are against supplements. I am not. Legal supplements can help those of us who work a lot and need energy. I take fish oil, vitamins B, C, and D, cranberry, and sometimes an energy pill called fast up from Beverly Nutrition. Beverly also makes Ump, which is the protein I use. Great products. Glutamine and aminos are great recovery supplements also. I also use a pre-workout before lifting or whenever I need energy. Currently, I use C4, but also have used jacked3d, supermax, NO Explode, and others. Pre-workouts should be used with caution, they are not for everyone. You should use them in small amounts at first until you know how your body will react.

I have a dependence on caffeine, like many other people. I am trying to find new sources of energy to replace it but have not been able to make that transition yet. JB

Times like these

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Today wasn’t the best day for fitness. I running late this morning so I couldn’t pack my lunch and didn’t take my supplements. Fail. So I had to eat at the pizza place by work. Days like this can string together to cause complete failure in a healthy lifestyle. However, I confined myself to a chicken sandwich and a diet coke (which I hadn’t drank in days). Not great, but a hell of a lot better than what could have happened. That is a small thing, but so important for your mind set and keeping your goal in mind. Make your good days the best they can be and minimize the damage on the bad ones.

I left work and went straight to the gym to make up for the chest workout I missed yesterday. I didn’t run because I had a softball game tonight. I like playing and I’m usually surprisingly sore because of the sprinting. I came home and had some salmon and vegetables.

I need to be better tomorrow. And I need to do my long run. It is important to bounce back. But if something comes up, it is even more important to adapt and stay with it. Its a daily battle.

Make your plan flexible

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As I explained yesterday, my running and weightlifting plans vary all the time due to different reasons. I think anyone serious about a healthy lifestyle must be reasonable and factor in the unpredictabilities of life. If not, they will most likely be discouraged when forced to change plans and quit.

Yesterday, I was scheduled to do chest/abs and then run 4 miles. However, I needed to do some laundry and take a short nap, so I just played a little basketball but still ran my 4 miles. The important part is, I will start my weight plan today, while continuing with my running.

Having a flexible plan is so important and being able to keep a mental (or physical) bookmark of where you are is key. This applies to diet as well, but that’s for another post. JB

My before and after

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